About Us

We are never stronger than when we help someone in need!

Who is Erich's Cupboard?

Named after Erich, our son and brother. Erich was the kindest, gentlest, most compassionate old soul you could ever meet. At 21 he had already done some humanitarian work through school, traveled and been working for 8 years. He finally met the love of his life Carmen and tried to settle into his new life. Then, his his illness took over. Erich fought a courageous battle, followed doctor's orders, read self help books, and checked himself into hospital when he knew it was too much for him to handle. Erich passed away July 5, 2013 at the young age of 21 after a heroic battle with mental illness.

Erich's Cupboard was a way to help us try and focus past the grief. I think Erich's Cupboard is still a way for me (mom) to work through the most painful times by reaching out and helping someone else in need. I stayed in the background at the beginning because it was hard for me. The outpouring of love and support that our fellow Hamiltonian's have shown over and over, brings me to tears. From councillors, companies big and small, friends of friends, and even those that have little, still find some way to support those in greater need than themselves.

​Erich's Cupboard  is blossoming into a community connector -  for every individual in this community  an opportunity to reach out and help an organization, a food cupboard and even individuals.

We will never forget how Erich was taken from us. Depression is a cancer that doesn’t show up on any x ray or scan. So how do we help make a difference in this regards?  We may not have the answers but we are survivors of suicide and can tell you first hand what that is like. Let's raise awareness and bring Mental Health and especially 'suicide alertness' to the conversation. Erich's Cupboard has worked closely with Fatima and Magda of Hamilton Dialogues, running mental wellness workshops and they were a great success. We have gotten out into the community at many events all over the city to spread a bit of light on who we are and what we are doing. We have hosted  a number of safeTALKs (suicide alertness) over the past year. See our events page for details.

Tears of joy are good after so many shed in sadness. We encourage you all to join Erich’s Cupboard facebook page and see what the amazing people of Hamilton are doing to help. We accept donations of food and clothing anytime. 


If you drive past our home at 194 Rothsay Ave. S., you will often see bags and boxes of donations on our front steps. We never expected to see such generosity and kindness at our front door and for that we can’t thank you enough. Know that every time you make a donation, the effect is doubled—a family in need is helped, and a family on Rothsay Ave. heals just a little more. Thank you all fellow Hamiltonian's from the deepest place in our hearts... Chris, Catherine, and Matthew


Let's all together continue to make Hamilton "the place we all love to call home".